The 9th Edition of L’INTREPIDA will be held in Anghiari on Sunday the 17th of October 2021. The cycle tour on vintage bikes returns with its usual format, but also with some important innovations.

We are not going to change our successful programme but we are improving it to try and further boost the event which, in only five years, has reached the hearts of the enthusiasts and, at the same time, become an important date for Anghiari and the Anghiarese.

The 2012 edition was brought to life by 205 athletes and was the beginning of a dream. The successive years have confirmed the success of the event (509 starters in 2013, over 600 in 2014 and 2015, 725 in 2016, 831 in 2017) and paved the way for the record number of 1020 cyclists who registered in 2018 and above 1000 in 2019 edition. In eight years L’INTREPIDA has become a classic in cycle tours on vintage bikes, second only to L’Eroica for prestige and registrations. It is logical to assume that the growth can continue, although, of course, we would never want numbers to be the priority of the cycle tour.


The priority of ASD GS FRATRES DYNAMIS BIKE is to create the ideal conditions for every single rider to experience an unforgettable day. With the passion for bicycles at the centre of everything and with the characteristics that have allowed L’INTREPIDA to become a unique event. For the beauty of the countryside that frames the rides, for the quality of the routes themselves, for the deliciousness of the tastes at the various rest stops, for the welcome and warmth given to the participants, for the friendly and familiar atmosphere that makes the entire weekend so special. This is the standard that must be retained for all editions of the L’Intrepida.

Because l’Intrepida is essentially passion: for vintage cycling and for sport with sound values.


L'Intrepida | L’INTREPIDA Vintage Bike Ride | lintrepida clicoturistica depoca anghiari 31

It is a non-competitive bicycle ride divided into three different routes (classic 42 km, long 85 km, intrepid 120 km) open exclusively to participants with vintage bikes and historically appropriate clothing. Admission will be permitted to participants who arrive at the starting line with road racing bikes (no cyclo-cross or time trial bikes) built before 1987, with a steel frame, the gear lever on the down tube of the frame, pedals with toe clips and straps, and the brake wire on the outside of the handlebars.

L'Intrepida | L’INTREPIDA Vintage Bike Ride | lintrepida clicoturistica depoca anghiari 17

L’INTREPIDA takes place in Anghiari on the roads used for a battle that took place on the 29th June 1440 and was later celebrated by the artist Leonardo da Vinci in his now lost painting: The Battle of Anghiari. The event is organised by the GS FRATRES DYNAMIS BIKE, a sports association which was founded in 1996 by a group of friends with a shared passion for bicycles and the history of cycling. The dream became reality in 2012. The participants will have the opportunity to ride in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, on roads that are full of charm and history.

L'Intrepida | L’INTREPIDA Vintage Bike Ride | lintrepida clicoturistica depoca anghiari 40

The 3 L’INTREPIDA routes are all made up of approximately 40% dirt roads and are characterised by the old style, traditional refreshments that are prepared at Ponte alla Piera, Castello di Galbino, Castello di Sorci, Felcino Nero and Lippiano. After the cycle tour our classic lunch, in the old town of Anghiari, will be based around Anghiari’s famous bringoli pasta. GS FRATRES DYNAMIS BIKE prepare every year lots of new things for the three day festival which will only be revealed nearer to the event.

On Sunday 17 October 2021 the enchantment of history and of vintage cycle touring fuse into one, great event.


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